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Paradise at our Ice-Cream Parlour

Fun Fact: Our guests are the reason we have the #icecream parlour!

When we began the restaurant in November, we were fortunate to attract a crowd from all around the city, as well as out-of-Accra guests through word-of-mouth.

We were particularly intrigued when our staff spoke to guests who were from around the #Tesano area who were very happy about their first real fine-dining restaurant in the area. Through our in-depth conversations with our guests, they suggested to us to incorporate a place for #desserts and once we noticed there was a sufficient demand for it, we knew we had the perfect space for it.

We decided to make a nice, colourful ice-cream parlour facing the road so passer-by's in the area can come and enjoy some mouthwatering flavours. We had initially planned for ice-cream's but once it started moving we started getting requests for milkshakes, smoothies, coffee, ice-cream toppings, soft-serve ice-cream and fresh juices.

So we listened to them. Our menu now has:

  1. Ice-Cream (16 flavours)

  2. Ice-Cream Toppings & Cone

  3. #Milkshakes

  4. #Smoothies

  5. #Coffee (Hot & Cold)

  6. Soft-Serve Ice-Cream

  7. Fresh Juices

We keep introducing new flavours depending on what our guests' like. Some of these include: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cashewnut, Pino Pinnochio, Hazelnut, Coffee, Cappuccino, Lemon, Marina Blue, Bubble Gum, Yoghurt, Mint and many more.

The space is perfect for families with kids, friends, and couples looking for some private time in a cozy space.

We also offer free tasters, so don't be shy to ask for one :)

Yummy Ice-Cream is waiting for you... Abeka Road, Tesano. Opposite Tesano Royale Hotel.

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