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Your first visit to Orient Express...

When you first arrive at the restaurant, you will be assisted by our security team in parking your car.

On the left-hand side you will see our ice-cream parlour, where you have a choice of 16 different flavours, as well as milkshakes and freshly-squeezed juices.

On the right-hand side you will see steps going down into the main restaurant area. Based on your preference, you can decide whether you want to sit indoors or outdoors.

Once you are seated by one of our trained, service staff members they will give you our menu from which you have many drinks and tasty dishes to choose from including soups, starters, rice & noodles, main courses, and desserts.

Feel free to ask our service staff for recommendations, just let them know your preferences (spicy vs. non-spicy OR meat vs. seafood) and they will be happy to suggest something such as the dishes below.

These are: 1) Hakka Noodles 2) Satay Chicken 3) Veg on Toast

Once your order has been placed, our kitchen will work their magic in the kitchen and get the food to your table as soon as possible, while making sure we are serving you with the highest of quality food. In the meanwhile, feel free to ask the service staff to put music or a tv channel of your preference and we will be sure to accommodate the request as best as we can.

Shortly after, your food will be on your table and you are ready to ENJOY! Our waiter or manager will follow up to ensure that you are having a pleasurable time and your honest feedback is key to us in ensuring that each guest has a great experience.

At the end of your meal when you receive your bill, you will receive a feedback form, which we would appreciate you feel for us to know what we are doing well and where we can improve further.

Also, now that your meal is done, you can make your way to the ice-cream parlour to end your experience with a SWEET TREAT!

We are just one call away if you want to place an order, or have any questions! 0552199199

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